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When I’m out and about, on a walk, on a journey or somewhere new I find myself taking photos of things – interesting, unusual, pretty and often random things. A theme starts to develop and I start ‘collecting’ taking more photographs on the same theme. For instance one of my favourites is ‘doorways’ – they’re very interesting things entrance ways and locks and door knobs…… Before I know it I’ve started another collection, so I decided to create this virtual place to store them, an online photo album or scrapbook.

Often years later I’m subtly inspired by these collections, they seep into the new creative projects or artwork that I’m working on. I guess this is the nature of inspiration, it kind of sneaks up on you when you’re not looking. It’s great having this online receptacle for my collecting habit otherwise our home would be full of my hoarded junk – this way I get to scratch my collecting itch, albeit virtually!