Lisbon Street Art Gallery

May 2011: The street art in Lisbon is amazing, but this massive outdoor gallery takes the biscuit! This vast collection of graffiti art is the work of the Crono Project Lisboa, which commissioned some the world’s best street artists to transform neglected buildings in the business district, around Av Fontes Pereira de Melo, instead of abandoning Lisbon’s crumbling heritage to the developers. The project began in June 2010 and is expected to conclude in July 2011. My favourite piece is by Os Gêmeos (The Twins), graffiti artist brothers from Brazil! But other notable pieces are by Sam3 and Blu.

The Crono Project was initiated by the street art artist Alexandre Farto, who is also known by his artist name Vhils, who convinced the city to commission local street art and graffiti artist to transform the neglected buildings into art pieces.

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