Yayoi Kusamas Exhibition at Victoria-Miro Gallery

I was lucky enough to get us tickets to see the fabulous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusamas’ exhibition THE MOVING MOMENT WHEN I WENT TO THE UNIVERSE at the Vitoria Miro Gallery in Old Street (3 October – 21 December 2018). We were really pleased to see a couple of her pieces in situ when we were in Japan recently, but sadly her museum in Tokyo was being refitted so we missed out on the full experience. So when I heard this exhibition was coming to the UK I made sure we got to see it! A major exhibition of new works by Yayoi Kusama that took place across the Wharf Road galleries and waterside garden. The exhibition featured new paintings, including works from the iconic My Eternal Soul series, painted bronze pumpkin and flower sculptures, and a large-scale Infinity Mirrored Room, created for this presentation.

#InstaKusama  https://www.victoria-miro.com/exhibitions/528/

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