Le Voyage à Nantes

During an extended cmapervan trip around the West Coast of France we spent a very happy long weekend in Nantes exploring all that this incredibly creative city has to offer. One of the big highlights was the Le Voyage à Nantes an amazing art trail that covers 10-miles around the île de Nantes and the estuary. Highlights include an old cement factory that has been repurposed as a clock, an artificial wall that was dropped into the city and depicts all the famous people through history that have a connection with Nantes, a life size model of a traditional French house partly submerged in the esturary, a wonderful boardwalk that takes through otherwise inaccessible, marshlands, a series of beautiful rooftop gardens that have been sited on the roof of a decommissioned submarine base and a snake or serpent sculpture in the shallows – amazing! New installations and artworks are added to the trail each year – if you’re in that part of the world go see it.

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